Gilda Gonzales is the Staff Accountant at Amistades. She was born and raised in the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from University of Santo Tomas in Manila and her Master of Arts in Economics from the University of the Philippines. Her masteral thesis was published as a reference to government officials and in universities. The study was on Spatial and Urban Dimensions of Development in the Philippines. It focused on how to decentralize investments and increase incentives for small and medium- sized industries to relocate in smaller regions of the country. The main purpose of spatial distribution was to help alleviate poverty of the country by increasing employment, improving infrastructures and access to a good educational system. Her thesis ushered in a regional awareness to the national government to address the problem of conglomeration of industries in big major cities.

Gilda started her career with the Department of Budget and Management as Senior Fiscal Planning Specialist. She performed a variety of analyses and reports in support of the budget process of the national government. She assisted in reviewing, preparing and adjusting budgets of various branches of the government to change economic environments. She formulated procedures, policies and guidelines for assigned planning programs of the different regions of the country. She analyzed budget proposals of the government agencies, determined funding allocations for their programs and assisted in defending their budget proposals during the national budget hearing.

After 5 years of service with the Office of Budget and Management, she was awarded by the Office of the President to pursue a masters degree in Development Economics in Williams College, Massachusetts. She graduated with an International Management Award.

Gilda proceeded with her training in research at World Bank and transferred to the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. She assisted in studies that identified the underdeveloped countries’ priorities and target for the reduction of poverty. She saw the value of securing possible funds through grants to assist development projects of the poor countries in order to improve their financial stability, sustain their economic growth and reduce poverty through equity and education particularly in rural areas.

Gilda’s passion to work with mission-driven organizations was strengthened when she moved to San Francisco, California. She was an Accountant for over 20 years in various non-profit organizations in the Bay area. Her extensive experience was to prepare and analyze budgets, financial statements and provide forecasting support for the yearly growth of the organizations. She examined feasibilities of projects and prepared a plan of action based on financial analyses.

At the end of 2022, Gilda moved to Tucson, Arizona and fell in love with the mission of Amistades that is committed to advocate for social justice and restoring individuals and family’s humanity and dignity in the Latino community. Gilda feels so blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of the Amistades team. She is responsible for preparing the monthly financial statements to management and quarterly reports to the Board. She updates monthly actual income and expenses for each grant. Gilda reviews and allocates expenses across programs to ensure that each program pays its fair share without exceeding the budget for each type of expense. She assists program staff in developing proposed budgets and associated budget narratives for each new grant proposal. She also provides reconciliation reports to the auditors and CPA firm and prepares quarterly and annual Federal Financial Reports for the Federal funders.