Curando Familias

The Curando Familias Project aims to research and address the disparities in Tucsons' Latino community caused by Covid-19 Long-Hauler Syndrome. Emerging data suggests that as much as 50% of these long haulers are unable to return to activities of daily living including full time employment six months post-acute infection. Importantly, racial/ethnic minorities including Latinos experienced a disproportionate COVID-19 infection burden. Unfortunately, Long COVID prevalence rates amongst Latinos are largely unknown. Issues related to low access to quality healthcare and accurate diagnosis coupled with low socioeconomic conditions driving a need to work may artificially suppress prevalence rates. Amistades will focus its efforts on the four most Latino-dense zip codes, 85745, 85713, 85706, and 85746. Through the Curando Familias Project and using a community, academic, and industry partnership, Amistades proposes to address these questions of prevalence and impact as well as community needs as a critical first step to guiding intervention efforts.

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