Our Work


Current Work In The Community

  • ConeXiones

    The ConeXiones grant program represents a culmination of successful grassroots coalition efforts in Cochise County,…

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  • Cultivando Montes Brillantes

    Amistades unveils a transformative initiative, Cultivando Mentes Brillantes, aimed at empowering Latino families and caregivers…

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  • El Renacimiento

    El Renacimiento, part of the Mayahuel Prevention Consortium and supported by SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework…

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  • Prevenci贸n Sin Fronteras II

    The Prevencion Sin Fronteras program is a comprehensive initiative designed to address the complex issue…

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  • Proyecto Ollin

    Ollin, an ancient Aztec term pronounced as "All In," reflects the profound notion of wholehearted…

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    Funded by the State Opioid Response (SOR) and Substance Abuse Leaders of Arizona (SACLAZ), coalitions…

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Historical Work In The Community

  • Drug Free Communities Support Program

    Amistades manages the Amistades Substance Abuse Coalition, a community-driven group that provides substance abuse prevention…

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  • Entre Mujeres

    Entre Mujeres is a program that empowers Latina high school students to recognize their own…

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  • Fortaleza

    Fortaleza鈥檚 project design reinforces mentoring expectations such as curbing recidivism rate, workforce development, involvement in…

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