Mayahuel Prevention Consortium

The Mayahuel Prevention Consortium (MPC) operates under the auspices of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration's (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework Partnership Grant. Its overarching mission is to stem the tide of substance misuse among vulnerable populations while fortifying community and state-level prevention infrastructures. The MPC, guided by a strategic framework, delineates its objectives as follows:

  1. Targeted Prevention: MPC endeavors to curtail the onset of alcohol consumption (specifically underage drinking), marijuana usage, and opioid misuse among Latino youth and young adults aged 9 to 20 residing within the 85705 and 85706 zip codes.
  2. Community Education: Through culturally responsive and comprehensive community-based initiatives, MPC seeks to enhance awareness, education, and training pertaining to substance misuse-related trauma, fostering a greater understanding of the associated risks and consequences.
  3. Strengthening Infrastructure: MPC aims to bolster the preventive capabilities of communities within the 85705 and 85706 zip codes, facilitating the mobilization of resources and support networks to create culturally attuned and protective environments resilient to substance misuse and its collateral effects.
  4. Resource Mobilization: One of MPC's key objectives is to diversify funding streams and secure additional resources to sustain and expand its prevention efforts, ensuring the long-term viability and effectiveness of its programs.
  5. Evidence-Based Intervention: MPC is committed to providing access to a comprehensive suite of evidence-based programs, policies, and practices tailored to address the unique challenges of alcohol and opioid misuse among Latino youth and young adults in the targeted zip codes.
  6. Capacity Building: MPC endeavors to enhance technical assistance, training, and the development of responsive activities to empower stakeholders and communities to effectively combat substance misuse and its associated harms.

In pursuit of these objectives, MPC adopts a multifaceted approach, integrating evidence-based strategies and community-defined best practices to address the complex and multifaceted issues surrounding alcohol/underage drinking, marijuana, and opioid misuse within the Latino youth and adult populations of the 85705 and 85706 zip codes.

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