CASA (Cultura, Aprendizaje, Servicio y Acción) Code is a technology education initiative to improve educational opportunities and strengthen the computer science skills of Latino students at Apollo Middle School, in the Sunnyside Unified School District. CASA Code, funded by UnidosUs works one-on-one with students to increase Latino representation in the computer science field, and expose Latino students to computer science, using culturally relevant strategies that identify customized curriculum and the introduction of Latino role models in technology. CASA Code also engages Latino families in computer science discovery through events where parents and students participate in hands-on coding activities while exploring computer science academic and career trajectories. Through CASA Code, students are engaged in a servicelearning planning process that amplifies their voice to address community problems, through the development of technologically focused solutions on issues challenging Latinos. CASA Code serves 30 students and reinforces high standards in rigorous learning. Through implementing CASA Code, Amistades will advance the Latino narrative by using integrated applied technology and innovation to develop Latino youth into strong intelligent cultural leaders who are able to position themselves as leaders in the country.

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