Civics for All

Civics for All, generously funded by UnidosUS, emerges as a pioneering initiative aimed at nurturing civically aware and engaged families. The program's core mission revolves around fostering households that not only serve as beacons of civic participation for their school-aged children but also as catalysts for systemic transformation within their communities. At its heart lies the ambition to acquaint families with the fundamental tenets and operations of democracy. Through a meticulously crafted blend of engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, Civics for All endeavors to endow participants with a comprehensive understanding of critical democratic principles such as voting, representation, and civic involvement. By equipping families with insights into the democratic process, the program seeks to empower them to actively partake in molding the fabric of their localities and nation at large. Central to this initiative is the belief that parents and guardians play pivotal roles in shaping the civic consciousness of their offspring. Accordingly, the program provides them with the necessary tools to impart knowledge about democratic ideals and the significance of civic engagement from an early age. This holistic approach not only instills a profound understanding of civic responsibilities but also underscores the indispensable role of citizens in shaping the contours of their government. Civics for All acknowledges the profound impact of familial role models on children's attitudes towards civic participation. By witnessing adults in their families actively engaging in democratic processes—whether through advocating for community issues or embracing the values inherent in such practices—children are encouraged to internalize these behaviors, thereby perpetuating a culture of active citizenship. In its overarching endeavor to reach and empower Latino families, Civics for All transcends mere individual empowerment to effect transformative change at the community level. Through strategic outreach efforts, including targeted engagement with previous program participants, integration with the Padres Comprometidos cohort, and collaboration with schools across various districts, the program endeavors to weave a tapestry of informed and engaged citizens across diverse communities.

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