The ConeXiones grant program represents a culmination of successful grassroots coalition efforts in Cochise County, leveraging these achievements to pioneer an innovative binational community approach aimed at effectively combating psychostimulant and poly-drug abuse within the complex border region. Collaborating closely with the Mayahuel Prevention Consortium II, a countywide coalition formed through the amalgamation of various local drug prevention coalitions three years prior, ConeXiones focuses on serving three identified target groups, with particular emphasis on a large sub-population experiencing escalating rates of substance use disorder/opioid use disorder (SUD/OUD) and historically underserved, leading to disparities in health outcomes and other inequities. The program's overarching goal is to impact individuals who are at risk of, have been diagnosed with, or are undergoing treatment and/or recovery for SUD/OUD or co-occurring disorders, as well as their families, caregivers, and other community stakeholders. A specific emphasis is placed on reaching out to Latinos of all age groups who are at risk of psychostimulant abuse due to numerous factors such as acculturation, language barriers, and a trans-border lifestyle. The program has achieved remarkable outcomes, including the establishment of a binational US-Mexico approach to SUD/OUD prevention, treatment, and recovery. This approach is characterized by its coordinated, culturally responsive, evidence-based practices aimed at supporting residents of Cochise County on both sides of the border. ConeXiones has also organized informational series and roundtable events tailored to mental health and substance abuse providers, delivering targeted psychostimulant prevention approaches to the county's youth and the most at-risk, hardest-to-access populations. Additionally, the program has introduced initiatives such as Thrive and Familia Adelante, which have contributed to fostering stronger families and community members who are thriving despite the challenges posed by substance abuse. Through these multifaceted efforts, ConeXiones aims to create lasting positive change within the community by addressing substance abuse issues comprehensively and inclusively.

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