Si Se Puede II

The Si Se Puede Consortium is dedicated to fostering sustainable collaborations among agency members to combat the opioid and substance use disorders epidemic within our communities. Sustainability, as they define it, revolves around the financial viability of consortium members who actively participate in an agency collaborative, pooling resources to create a comprehensive array of outpatient services. These services, ranging from secure inpatient care to community-based prevention efforts, are designed to collectively address the multifaceted challenges posed by substance abuse. Their vision of sustainability extends beyond the duration of any grant funding, aiming to establish a lasting infrastructure for prevention, treatment, and recovery services. This infrastructure not only addresses the immediate needs of affected individuals but also ensures continued access to care in the long term. To achieve this, the consortium works closely with local partners such as the Coolidge Youth Prevention Coalition, engaging in community mobilization efforts to shift norms surrounding substance use, especially among vulnerable populations like Latino communities. At the heart of their efforts lies the Amistades Opioid Prevention Treatment and Recovery Program, operated by the Pinal Hispanic Council, a community-based organization with over three decades of experience as a Community Mental Health Center. This program, staffed by bilingual professionals and paraprofessionals, offers a culturally responsive approach to addressing opioid use-related issues, with a particular focus on reducing stigma and serving high-risk Latina populations, including those from the Tohono O’odham tribe. In delivering their services, the Amistades program utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. These approaches are not only clinically effective but also culturally relevant, respecting and aligning with the local cultural beliefs and values of individuals, families, and communities they serve. Through their holistic and culturally sensitive approach, the Amistades program strives to empower individuals on their journey toward recovery while fostering a sense of belonging and support within their communities.

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