Justicia Juntos

Justicia Juntos (Justice Together) is a new initiative that will increase heat resiliency among historically excluded and disproportionately affected Latino-dominant communities of Tucson, Arizona, especially southern Arizona. Justicia Juntos will develop a unique, grassroots climate resiliency plan – intended to complement and enrich the existing environmental equity plan of the City of Tucson—to 1. Develop a climate coalition that centers on families so that we can learn from communities about their stories about heat exposure, environmental needs, and everyday living. 2. Educate and build capacity for Latino advocates in the southside and beyond, and 3. Set the stage to integrate two culturally focused innovative Climate Resilience Hubs to provide safe spaces for residents to cool down, build connections, and access resources. This project has the support of the City of Tucson Mayor, Regina Romero, as part of Tucson’s greater environmental equity plan.

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