Entre Mujeres

Entre Mujeres is a program that empowers Latina high school students to recognize their own personal worth, strengthen their leadership abilities, improve self-confidence, and help facilitate them to make change in their communities. Entre Mujeres, funded by Unidos US, provides monthly meetings, with high school age Latina students for 1.5 hours sessions, throughout the duration of a year, on the topics of Latina empowerment, identity development, community service, community organizing, global awareness, academic success, career exploration, mental & emotional health, and positive self-image. The overall goals for the program are: 1) Provide a safe environment for Latina students to discuss issues and barriers to create positive outcomes in their personal, educational, and professional realms. 2) Develop a Latina Leadership Development Plan that includes and monitors goals in three key areas: journaling and personal development, academic achievement, and leadership growth and civic engagement. It is the first year Amistades has received funding to implement the program. The program is currently aligning to serve 20 High School Latinas at Catalina High School, in Tucson Unified School District.

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