Familia Adelante

The Familia Adelante Program targets at-risk Latino youth, 10-14 years old and their parents through a two-generational approach in three Tucson school districts: Sunnyside Unified School District, Tucson Unified School District and Chicanos Por La Causa schools. Familia Adelante is a dynamic, culturally-responsive education-community prevention program to address the rising rates of substance abuse, acculturation trauma, and behavioral health problems. The first goal is to increase parental and youth awareness by increasing education about the devastating risks and public health problems caused by the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The second goal of the program is to increase parent and youth collaboration opportunities for prosocial involvement in the community. Program activities focus on improving communication, stress management, substance abuse education, HIV/AIDS education, suicide and bullying education, and improved study skills for youth. Familia Adelante decreases the amount of barriers Latino youth and their parents’ face, while increasing healthy development, academic success, and overall familial bond. Since 2015, Amistades has served 300 families and the outcomes have included decreasing youth favorable attitudes towards substance use, and increased perception of risk/harm of youth substance use. The program provides parents and youth with opportunities to improve family cohesion, family involvement, and communication. Familia Adelante utilizes indigenous practices to unite families through conocimiento, unity circles, and testimonies and is funded through the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family Parent’s Commission.

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