Noche Oscura Overdose Task Force

The Noche Oscura Overdose Task Force, through a combination of culturally adapted best practice prevention and intervention strategies, is increasing awareness and prevention of opioid and psychostimulant use in the border community of Douglas Arizona. The focus of this project is to promote collaboration between public safety and public health agencies to ensure that overdose reduction efforts are robust and that our community benefits from a comprehensive and coordinated response. The street outreach team focuses on harm reduction, distribution of Narcan/Naloxone, primary prevention, evidence-based treatment, and recovery assistance. Noche Oscura also focuses on early intervention by providing Douglas youth awareness, knowledge, and refusal skills related to psychostimulants and opioids, and by implementing evidence-based and culturally responsive curriculum through schools and grassroots community groups. This program is funded by the University of Baltimore, and the street outreach team has already saved several lives with the distribution of Narcan.

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