Denisse Luna was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She earned her associates degree at Pima Community College then transferred to the University of Arizona to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. During her time at the University of Arizona, she interned with LIFESTEP within the Psychology Department to provide life skills and training to the underserved school-age youth with at risk emotional and behavioral problems. Denisse has been passionate about making a difference in her community by volunteering with other organizations, including: The PEACE Garden, where her and other colleague’s encouraged young children to become more active, and enhance community wellness and use strength-based approaches to eliminate vandalism and crime. Denisse is currently the Program Coordinator for programs that focus on the underserved communities as well as health disparities that many low-income communities are facing and raising the graduation rates for first generation Latino students. Avanzando Through College a first-generation, Latino students providing them with tools, knowledge and support systems throughout their college experience. Familia Adelante is a program that targets Latino youth, 10-14 years old and their parents to address the rising rates of substance abuse, acculturation trauma, and behavioral health problems.
Entre Mujeres is a program that empowers Latina high school students to recognize their own personal worth and improve their self-confidence by making positive changes within their community.