Elsa Orozco was born and raised in the wonderful border communities of Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora. She has earned an associate degree from Cochise College and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Arizona.

Elsa has worked in the prevention field for over three years, and loves helping people lead heathier lives without substance abuse. Prior to working for Amistades, she served as the substance abuse prevention specialist for La Frontera-SEABHS. In this position, she coordinated the Douglas Community Coalition and S.A.D.D. Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions). During this time, Elsa gained experience in prevention and was able to raise awareness in substance abuse with a focus on prescription drugs and underage drinking. Elsa implemented numerous activities in this role that were successful due to the coalition’s efforts that she coordinated. Events such as the Douglas Youth Conference, Teen Nights, National Take Back Events, and Virtual Prevention Week Presentations (which took place during COVID-19), are some of the many activities that she is proud of. Her coalition was structured with different community stakeholders that worked together to raise awareness in the community, bring healthy and safe youth activities with special prevention messaging, and also brought evidence-based programs to schools. In addition, Elsa worked for four years at the Raul H. Castro Learning Center-PPEP Tec, where most of her mentors are found. This is where her joy for working with youth and the community begun.

Elsa is currently the project coordinator of the Mayahuel Prevention Consortium-II (MPC-II) at Amistades Inc., in Douglas, Arizona. Mayahuel was the Aztec Goddess of the Agave plant and the Goddess of pulque, which was an alcoholic drink made from the agave plant. The MPC-II will establish and sustain a coalition in Douglas that will work with the community to build a strong prevention network. The primary focus of this coalition is the prevention of psychostimulants, counterfeit pills, and fentanyl through education and evidence-based programs. With a goal of sustainability, Elsa will continue to pursue funding sources that will keep the MPC-II alive for years to come and make Douglas a stronger community.

Elsa has been part of many community efforts in Cochise County and truly cares about helping others. Some of the organizations that she has volunteered for are: C.A.R.P. (Community Addiction and Recovery Partnership), Just Change in Good Faith, Step Up with Douglas, and Alianza de Bienestar Planning Consortium. Elsa enjoys working in prevention and taking care of her family. Elsa is proud of her Mexican American roots and never forgets where she came from. She spends her spare time teaching her heritage to her children and loves traveling and visiting the pueblo where her mother was born (Rayon, Sonora).