Isabel Boisvert was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, but grew up in La Grange Park, Illinois. She is currently attending the University of Arizona where she is majoring in Criminal Justice Studies and minoring in Latin American Studies. During her time at the University of Arizona, Isabel has been a member of the Criminal Justice Association Club where she has had the opportunity to learn about various careers in the Criminal Justice field.

Upon graduating in Spring 2023, Isabel has the goal of working in the legal field to help ensure everyone receives fair representation and equal treatment. She has always been passionate about helping others which stems from her family. For her birthday growing up, her grandmother always donated money to various organizations in Guatemala in Isabel’s name to give back to various communities in Guatemala. Also, her family members always ask for donations to organizations of their choice during the holidays and for their birthdays to give back to their communities. Furthermore, Isabel did a project in high school which helped her gain her passion for helping those in need. She completed research on a social service organization that aims to help the homeless population in the city of Chicago. Her father had first introduced her to the organization and from there her love for giving back to the community began to grow. Now she is interested in getting involved with the Innocence Project which helps free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate and equitable systems of justice for everyone.

Additionally, Isabel is also passionate about animals. Before she was a Criminal Justice Studies major, she was originally a Veterinary Science major at the University of Arizona. She has always been a huge animal lover, especially towards dogs. She realized her love for animals was powerful when she got her childhood dog Penelope (Penny). She had grown up taking care of her and Isabel knew her better than anyone else in the family. Isabel took her responsibilities seriously and always knew when Penny needed help. For animals, her ultimate goal is to ensure they are treated with love, care, and kindness and to help end abuse amongst all animals. In her free time, Isabel enjoys going on walks with her two dogs Magnolia (Maggie) and Willow and is interested in volunteering at local shelters.

Isabel first joined Amistades in the fall of 2021, because she was interested in learning the ins and outs of a non-profit organization. She specifically wanted to intern for a Latino-led non-profit organization to learn more about what they are doing to help the Latino population in Tucson. She began working as an intern with project coordinators, members of the administrative services, and executive leadership. She eventually spent most of her time between Finance and Human Resources learning more about the business side of the agency. She then spent the spring semester of 2022 studying abroad in Barcelona, but came back to complete another internship for the summer of 2022. Isabel continued working in Finance and Human resources, and upon completing her internship, she signed on as a contractor. Now, Isabel is an Administrative Assistant working in Finance, Human Resources, Development, and Executive Services.