A dedicated individual with roots in Sonora, Mexico, but a heart firmly entrenched in Tucson, Arizona, where she has spent most of her life. Her commitment to uplifting the Tucson community began in 2021 when she took on the role of Community and Education Manager at Sunnyside Foundation. In this position, she orchestrated monthly food distributions, led a team addressing eviction risks for Tucson's immigrant population, and successfully facilitated $2.4 million in eviction assistance. Her responsibilities also extended to managing scholarships for educators to make bigger projects for their classrooms and embracing the digital realm, she held the role of Social Media expert for Sunnyside Foundation.

Driven by her passion for advocacy, she currently lends her social media expertise to Coalición de Derechos Humanos, contributing to the amplification of their mission. She is also a Board member at Scholarships A-Z, actively supporting immigrant students in securing scholarships and navigating educational pathways.

Presently, she serves as a Program Manager at Amistades Inc., where her primary focus is on Proyecto Ollin where she will be aiding permanent residents in the Latino community through the journey of obtaining citizenship. This transformative program is Funded by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services under the Department of Homeland Security.

She is currently on the path to obtain her BA in Communications and has a current certification in Digital Marketing Science, showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of communication and marketing strategies.

In her spare time, she wears multiple hats—she is a wedding officiant, a small business owner, a legal document preparer, and a content creator. These endeavors allow her to further express her creativity and contribute positively to her community.